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Corda Developer Certification Exam

Corda Developer Certification Exam

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Welcome to the Corda Developer Certification exam!

Being Corda Certified demonstrates that you have technical expertise in developing distributed Corda applications.

The test is:

  • Open book => please read the documentation!
  • Untimed => take your time reading the documentation
  • Unlimited retakes => go ahead and read the documentation again if needed

To pass this exam, you will need to have either taken the Corda Developer Training course or be self-taught via a review of the doc site. The test expects you to take full advantage of the help resources available to you. These can be found here

The exam contains 70 multiple-choice questions. These range from concepts to architecture and development. The exam is open book and R3 recommends that developers take this exam independently. Developers who take the exam are expected to have extensive knowledge of the following topics:

  • States
  • Contracts
  • Transactions
  • Flows
  • Corda Nodes
  • Corda Networks

A score of 75% or greater is required to pass the certification exam.

Upon passing the test, you will be invited to claim your Corda Certification badge both digitally. This badge can be displayed on your resume, digital signatures, and on sites like LinkedIn and conveys your skill and experience to the development community.

*  In case of bulk-purchase, please purchase the exam individually for each user using the relevant email address.

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